What Is SAI?

SAI: the Summer Algebra Institute for Kids is an enrichment program that uses algebra to unify and connected mathematics for children and teachers. One of SAI’s strengths is that we show young students how algebra illustrates several “grand ideas” that show the unity and connectedness of math across grades and across topics.

Since taking SAI this past summer, my daughter has shown so much improvement in fractions and decimals as well. 

As far as we know, SAI is unique in the United States – we know of no other program that brings such substantive algebra to students as young as 3rd grade. We have SAI programs in the Twin Cities, in Rochester (MN), and in Moorhead (MN). Families and children come to attend SAI from as far away as Texas, Washington state, New Hampshire, and Arizona.

After years of resistance, my daughter came home saying, “Math is cool.” Thanks so much!