SAI Grade Levels & Special Topics

The Summer Algebra Institute offers classes for students in elementary and middle school levels. We also offer an advanced class for older SAI alums who have successfully completed a basic SAI course. Occasionally, we offer special topics classes such as SAI: Fractions and SAI: Logic.

There is nothing like SAI anywhere else in the country! My son loved the program and now has confidence he can master math of all kinds.

SAI FOR KIDS (Grades 3-4, 5-6-7)

With students entering these grades (for fall of the coming academic year), SAI uses a variety of models of algebra concepts to create a solid foundation for the study of formal algebra in later grades, while also reinforcing basic arithmetic skills. By the end of the SAI session, students are able to:
• simplify expressions like (2x + 3)(1x + 5);
• factor expressions like 2x2 + 7x + 6;
• connect the algebra of (3x + 4)(2x + 7) with the arithmetic of (34)(27).

My daughter raved about the program. She could hardly wait to get back for the second day!

ADVANCED SAI (for SAI Alums only)

Our Advanced SAI sessions are open only to older SAI alumni who have previously and successfully completed a basic SAI session in grades 5-6-7. Advanced SAI will explore further algebra topics in the enjoyable method of basic SAI while also using an algebra game that has been called “the Porsche of math games.”

SAI: Fractions (Grades 4-5-6)

The full title of this course is SAI: Fractions, Decimals, & Percents. Here we bring the same SAI approach to this vital topic – using color, shape, size, texture, music, hands-on activities, symbols, carefully worded explanations and more. Students in this course can avoid many of the pitfalls that high school students and adults have trouble with fractions and percents!

SAI: Logic (Grades 5-6-7)

This course uses our same SAI approach with algebra to make the topic of logic and reasoning one that is hands-on, sensible, fun, and challenging. This course is not offered every summer.