Who are we?
Both SAI and Algebra for Kids, LLC are owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Bob and Sarah Hazen. We began SAI in 1995 after having had several years of success in teaching substantive algebra to early elementary children.

We believed there was a growing interest on the part of parents to broaden, connect, deepen, and elevate elementary mathematics for their children. What we wanted to do was:
• give K-6 students a solid preview of algebra, and
• connect the algebra in SAI with the arithmetic they already knew (especially basic facts and place value), and
• show the unity of K-6 mathematics so as to broaden, connect, deepen, and elevate how kids looked at math in general.

SAI does just that! – and there are some 4,000 students (and their parents) who agree!

“What SAI teaches in algebra helps my 5th grader understand and use math better during the school year.”  

Bob has had many other roles besides that of Director and Lead Teacher for SAI:
• secondary mathematics teacher: Mounds View High School (1999-2015); and St. Paul Public Schools (1988-1999);
• adjunct faculty member at Augsburg College in Minneapolis (elementary math methods for future elementary teachers);
• program director of the Chelsea Project, a year-long pilot program in which algebra, music, and manipulatives were used to teach math to regular first grade students in a traditional school setting;
• columnist for a national education periodical, writing extensively about elevating and connecting elementary mathematics;
• speaker at numerous national and state mathematics teacher conferences;
• trainer for all SAI teaching staff;
• speaker for various parent groups on topics such as “Math Games to Supplement ANY Math Curriculum.”

Sarah is the SAI Registrar. During her time as a home-schooling mom, she was active in the home-school movement for over ten years and served on the board of directors for a regional educational resource center.