Important Announcement:

We will no longer hold SAI courses

in the Twin Cities (St.Paul-Minneapolis).

• After 25 years, the time has simply come for us to say farewell. We live in the west Michigan area now, and it’s time to move on.

• To the 4,000 students and their families who have attended and benefitted richly from SAI since our first summer in 1995, a huge Thank You! from both of us. We loved doing SAI with you! We loved seeing kids get turned on to math! Once again, on behalf of all SAI staff, many thanks to all the students & parents & supporters we’ve had over the past 25 summers.

Thanks for the memories – Bob & Sarah Hazen

P.S. We planned on holding SAI in the west Michigan vicinity of Holland/Zeeland/Grand Rapids – BUT the covid19 situation has forced us to cancel all classes.
Check this website in January 2021 for information about our plans for SAI in west Michigan for the next summer.  

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If you’d like your student to have an online version of the SAI experience,
please visit our online website Algebra For Breakfast (AFB) at
Our AFB program is a membership-based course of study with videos of Bob teaching SAI, as recorded in front of a live group of students, with access to all the same great printable SAI worksheets, with the two customary levels of grades 3-4 and grades 5-6. 

    If you are interested in arranging in-person, SAI-like enrichment sessions with one of our trained, experienced SAI teachers in the Twin Cities, their contact information is below. 

St. Paul area – Deanne W:

Lakeville area – Heather M: