SAI: the Summer Algebra Institute
for Kids! – Summer 2023

 SAI is…
• a hands-on math enrichment program…
• using active, hands-on math…
• using Algebra to get kids in grades 3-6…
• turned ON to math…
• for students w/ a wide range of academic abilities…
• not just gifted/talented)…
• with some 4,000 students attending SAI since 1995.

• This is not your parents’ Algebra class! This is hands-on Algebra – using
color, shape, SIZE, texture, math pieces,
music, hands-on activities, and Games – with kids becoming eager and excited about doing math that make so much sense.
• In SAI, math becomes as simple as “…say what you build, write what you say.” SAI makes Algebra that easy – and fun and sensible – while also connecting with the arithmetic that students already know. 

Parents – we’ve been doing SAI since 1995 – we just flat-out know how to get kids turned on to math – using Algebra! Some 4,000 students have attended SAI over the years 
Here’s our schedule for summer 2023:
• July 10-14, 8:30am – noon; SAI-34 – students entering grades 3&4 (fall 2023)
• July 17-21
, 8:30am – noon; SAI-567 – students entering grades 5&6&7 (fall 2023)
• July 24-28, 8:30am – noon; Advanced SAI – students who have already attended SAI-567        
To register for SAI 2023, click here:
Note well:  SAI sessions have limited space. Enroll your child now!
   All SAI 2023 math enrichment sessions in west Michigan will be held at Zeeland Christian School in Zeeland. SAI is especially convenient for students in west Michigan – Zeeland, Holland, and the greater Grand Rapids metro area – but students from anywhere in the country can register for SAI

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• If you are interested in arranging special in-person SAI sessions for your own group of students in west Michigan or in the Twin Cities (Minnesota), contact one of our trained, experienced SAI teachers directly at:
west Michigan/Holland-Zeeland-Grand Rapids: Bob Hazen:
St. Paul (Minnesota) area: Deanne Willman: 
Lakeville (Minnesota) area: Heather:

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