Important Announcement:

SAI’s Farewell to Minnesota

(& Information about SAI in west Michigan)

Registration links for SAI sessions in west Michigan are listed at the bottom of this page.

Starting this coming summer of 2020, SAI: the Summer Algebra Institute will be operating ONLY in the west Michigan area of Holland-Zeeland-Grand Rapids.. 

This means SAI will no longer offer courses in the Twin Cities (St.Paul-Minneapolis).

• After 25 years, the time has simply come for us to say farewell. We live in the west Michigan area now, and it’s time to move on. 

• To the 4,000 students and their families who have attended and benefitted richly from SAI since our first summer in 1995, a huge Thank You! from both of us. We loved doing SAI with you! We loved seeing kids get turned on to math! 

• If you are interested in SAI for your child, consider coming to the beautiful Holland/west Michigan area for one of our sessions there. Quite a few families over the years came to SAI sessions in the Twin Cities from quite a distance! – as far away as Alaska, Texas, New Hampshire, Arizona, et al. There is nothing like SAI anywhere else in the U.S. 

• Once again, on behalf of all SAI staff, many thanks to all the students & parents & supporters we’ve had over the past 25 summers. 

Thanks for the memories – Bob & Sarah Hazen

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If you’d like your student to have an online version of the SAI experience,
please visit our online website Algebra For Breakfast (AFB) at
Our AFB program is a membership-based course of study with videos of Bob teaching SAI, as recorded in front of a live group of students, with access to all the same great printable SAI worksheets, with the two customary levels of grades 3-4 and grades 5-6. 

    If you are interested in arranging in-person, SAI-like enrichment sessions with one of our trained, experienced SAI teachers in the Twin Cities, their contact information is below. 

St. Paul area – Deanne W:

Lakeville area – Heather M:


Registration for the following SAI sessions in west Michigan are being handled by these local educational agencies: 

• SAI East Grand Rapids: July 13-16, M-Th; grades 5-6, morning; grades 3-4 afternoon. The local agency handling registrations is East Grand Rapids Park & Rec; 616-949-1750; click here (on or after April 9).  

• SAI Forest Hills: July 20-23, M-Th; grades 5-6, mornings. The local agency handling registrations is Forest Hills Public . Schools: 616-493-8950; (on or after March 15).

• SAI Zeeland/Holland: July 27-30, M-Th; grades 5-6, mornings; grades 3-4 afternoons. The local agency handling registrations is Zeeland Christian Schools: 616-772-2609; click (