My younger son Trevor started hearing the skip count songs when he was about 14 months old. As a result of that, before he was two years old, he could skip count to 20 by 2’s, based on the 2’s skip count song. So by the time he was 5 and ready for kindergarten, he had been hearing and singing all the skip songs (from 2 through 10) for about three years.

When my wife took Trevor to the kindergarten checkup – where the nurse checks for vision, hearing, and other health issues – the nurse also asks the standard question, “Trevor, can you count?”

Trevor answered, “How?”

The nurse didn’t understand his reply, and so she said, “I’ll just put down that he can’t count.”

But my wife was there, and she said, “No, that’s not what Trevor meant.”

Then Trevor piped in, “Do you want me to count by 9’s, or by 4’s, or by 7’s, or by 8’s…”

The nurse looked at him in surprise and said, “You can count by 7’s?”

Trevor said, “Sure…” – and then proceeded to sing-say the number chorus for the 7’s song – smiling his way through it for the entire time.

The nurse looked at my wife and said, “I’ll put down in his file that he can count.”

This was a very young 5-year-old going into kindergarten – and he knew how to count by each number from 2 up through 10. Like his older brother, Trevor went on to do very well in math – it always made sense to him, and he always did work above his grade level, including algebra from an early age.

Trevor’s story is another reason why I value skip count songs so much.