If you’re thinking about placing your child in SAI, here’s another reason to do so.

SAI works in two directions.

First, in SAI we look ahead to algebra. We give kids a solid, lasting preview of several foundational aspects of algebra (such as powers, variables, and factoring).

Second, in SAI we look back at arithmetic. We teach unique principles – broad unifying ideas – that connect the algebra they’re learning with the arithmetic they already know (such as place value and basic facts).

This dual outlook helps kids make sense out of math. These unique principles we teach in SAI not only help with algebra – they also make more sense out of fractions, place value, and units of measurement.

SAI is a rich, hands-on experience that uses color, shape, size, texture, music, games, and manipulatives to turn kids on to math.

Be sure to reserve a spot in SAI while there’s still room!