We just finished our final week of SAI for summer 2013, and we had a nice comment from the mother of one of our students. These remarks are pretty typical of parent responses to our SAI program.

She wrote, I wanted to tell you what Day #1 has done for my son. For a super sports-oriented guy, he rated the camp very highly. The next morning he woke up early, busted out of bed, did his SAI homework, and declared himself finished before I could properly wake up! He had everything right. He went on to show me all of his work for the day. I cannot believe that he got so much work done. I am delighted at the exercise his math brain is getting! What an advantage for going back to school! 

   He usually feels like he is competing with peers and time. I believe this is a symptom of his athletic and competitive focus. So he makes many errors. I usually see many erase marks. I saw none on your worksheets.  

   This morning after completing his homework and reviewing his classwork, he ran excitedly to the game closet and pulled out one of the games that you sell, insisting that I play with him. Then he accosted me with our multiplication index cards. He is exhausting me with his enthusiasm. That is a good thing. I promised to play both with him this morning before class.

    He is happy, excited, confident and enthusiastic. What more can I ask for! Thank you for day 1! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings!